Midmark’s New Ergonomic Cabinetry Features Efficient Storage, Improved Reach

Synthesis cabinetry designed to improve usable storage and ergonomic reach for dental caregivers.

Midmark Corp. has introduced new options in the Synthesis collection of clinical-grade dental cabinetry that provide more efficient storage with better ergonomic reach and visibility. 

Clinical work is demanding and can be physically strenuous. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, dentistry is the number one most damaging profession to your health. Cabinetry that is too tall or too deep can limit access to available storage and contribute to stress injuries as clinicians repeatedly reach and strain for out-of-reach or hard-to-access supplies. The new options available in Midmark’s Synthesis Cabinetry Collection better position storage to require less reach and include:

  • Wall-hung configurations designed to improve reach and increase ergonomic storage while decreasing hard to use, non-ergonomic storage in the same amount of space.
  • Gravity-fed, angled flow shelving for improved visibility and accessibility to supplies, even for items stored at the back.
  • Bins and dividers for the next level of organization and a better workflow.

“According to the ADA and ADHA, over half of dental school graduates in 2020 and 98% of dental hygienists today are female, yet the typical cabinetry and storage they use was not designed for them,” says Stephanie Woeste, director of dental marketing for Midmark, a leading dental solutions provider focused on the design of the clinical environment to improve delivery of care. “This makes reach and visibility a challenge, causing wasted space and a higher risk of injuries among caregivers. Midmark’s new Synthesis cabinetry options incorporate ergonomic principles and allow doctors to create unique workspaces that adapt to their teams instead of forcing their teams to adapt to the workspace.”

The full Midmark Synthesis Cabinetry collection includes base storage cabinets, overhead cabinets, mobile treatment cabinets, and specialty cabinets available in multiple styling options for a unique, efficient, and ergonomically superior space.