Midmark Releases Dental Practice Safety eBook

This dental practice safety book will position practices to have safe infection control protocol.

The dental solutions provider Midmark has released an eBook titled “Safety Now More Than Ever.” This eBook analyzes how practice design, equipment, and protocol contribute to better infection control and thus better patient outcomes.

As patients are wary about coming back to the dental practice amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, practices can provide comfort and confidence in infection control protocol. Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer of Midmark Thomas Schwieterman, MD, MBA emphasized reassurance in a press release from the company.

“As the pandemic continues to evolve, safety remains a top concern,” Dr Schwieterman said in the press release. “And patients are seeking reassurance that visiting their dentist is safe. Dental professionals who follow best practices for infection prevention and clinical zone safety are differentiating themselves from their peers. To help doctors follow the best practices, we have published an eBook that outlines the latest clinical guidelines and safety protocols to help doctors ensure they are providing their patients the safest means to obtain dental care.”

Notable points in the eBook include safer workflows and clinical environments. The eBook will act as a guide through areas of the practice where infection control must be the highest priority, including the treatment rooms and sterilization center.

Other important notes touched on in the eBook are instrument sterilization and best ways to reduce airborne pathogens. It can be downloaded from Midmark’s website. Midmark dental focuses on utilizing practice design for the best and safest workflows.