Microcopy releases NeoBurr blended neck carbide

The innovative design is said to remove any weak points in the bur’s neck that might otherwise cause breakage.

At this year’s Chicago Midwinter meeting, Microcopy announced the release of its new NeoBurr 3302 blended neck® carbide. This new blended neck carbide follows suit with the 5572 where the section of the bur between the cutting head and the shank is blended so that there's no reduction in neck width. This design, coupled with the removal of the weld joint, is said to increase the strength of the bur. The new 3302 reportedly boasts unrivaled strength. This innovative design removes any weak points in the bur’s neck that might otherwise cause breakage.

“It is important for us to provide high-quality products that solve a problem," says Heather Siler, Microcopy’s core product marketing manager. "Carbide breakage is a well-known issue that exists in dentistry. By offering a stronger carbide line, we have made it our mission to make carbide breakage a thing of the past." 

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Most of the top-selling NeoBurr shapes are available in blended neck, and Microcopy plans to release additional blended neck shapes as they are designed and developed.

After a recent product evaluation of the NeoBurr 3302, Dr. Lawrence Cooper says, “Very fast, smooth cutting occlusal and distal preparations.” The new 3302 has all the same great features as the original NeoBurr 330, but now it has a blended neck for increased durability.

Visit https://MicrocopyDental.com/NeoBurr-carbides or call 800-235-1863 for more information.