Memorial Day: 5 Last-Minute Getaway Ideas

Haven’t made Memorial Day plans yet but don’t want to pay high rates on hotel rooms, rental cars and airfare? Check out’s deals on popular destinations such as Florida, Nevada, California and Texas.

Enjoy Miami's miles of white-sand beaches this Memorial Day Weekend.

If Memorial Day has caught you with your plans down, then consider the popular start-of-summer getaways searched by users of, a site that offers discounts on unsold airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars. Nevada, Florida and Texas rate among the top places researched, especially by those in Nebraska, Washington and Ohio: states with less warm and sunny climates.

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It’s off-season for much of Florida, Hotwire’s most searched travel destination. Miami offers miles of white sand beaches that edge a variety of neighborhoods. You can opt for the bustle of see-and-be-seen South Beach, the trendy hotels in Mid-Beach or the more laid-back and family-friendly North Beach. Hotwire, as of posting, offers a Miami 3.5-star hotel for Memorial Day Weekend from $72 per night.

You can find four-star hotels in California for $70 per night.


For Memorial Day, California is especially popular with residents of Nevada and Arizona. Base yourself in Los Angeles to experience Hollywood, Universal Studios, Griffith Park and the Getty Center. Hotwire lists a four-star hotel room from $70 per night.

Bring the family to The City this Memorial Day Weekend.


Manhattan and the Hamptons offer great adult and family vacations. Get a panoramic city view from the Empire State Building, try inline skating Central Park, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and take in a Broadway show. In the Hamptons, savor some sun and sand. Hotwire lists a 3.5-star hotel room near the Empire State Building from $78 per night.

Nevada is increasing in popularity as a Memorial Weekend getaway, Hotwire says.


Nevada is experiencing a large increase in people entering the sate versus leaving the state for Memorial Day Weekend, according to Hotwire. Las Vegas pulls you into the action with casinos, thrill rides, day pool parties, and nightlife. Hotwire lists a 3.5-star hotel room in Las Vegas from $56 per night.

Find rooms in Texas for as low as $84 per night, Hotwire says.


The Lone Star State lures travelers to its deserts, mountains and coast. Galveston offers beaches, Dallas has museums, and San Antonio the Riverwalk with its cafes and shops. Hotwire lists 3.5-star hotel rooms in Texas from $84 per night.

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