Medit's new i700 designed for patient, clinician comfort

The new i700 intraoral scanner is designed to be more compact and offers a more comfortable experience.

Medit has introduced its next-generation intraoral scanner, the i700, a follow-up to the company’s i500 scanner. The new unit is designed to capture up to 70 frames per second, meaning more data with each pass—the result of which is said to be a smooth and quick scanning experience with crisp images and realistic colors.

The i700 has been scaled down to create a smaller and lighter device, weighing just 8.64 oz. It also features redesigned tips, which are now reversible and designed to be autoclavable up to 100 times. In addition, the i700’s cable is now detachable for portability and easy maintenance.

Medit has included a UV-C LED in the new scanner, which is said to make the i700 the only scanner with self-disinfecting capabilities. The device also features a new remote-control mode that is designed to allow users to keep their hands on the unit and show patients the scan data.

“I am pleased to announce the next generation intraoral scanner from Medit, the i700. We took the feedback we received after the release of the i500 and used that to guide the development of the i700 and MEDIT Link software while staying true to Medit’s innovative drive to create the next generation intraoral scanner. And we believe the new i700 will further the adoption of digital dentistry,” says GB Ko, CEO of Medit

Additionally, the i700 is a fully open-source intraoral scanner, compatible with Medit’s Link software, as well as software from other CAD/CAM providers. For more information, visit