Medicaid-Medicare-CHIP Services Dental Association Partners with Overjet

This partnership will take advantage of Overjet’s artificial intelligence to bolster education on claims processing for Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP services.

Medicaid-Medicare-CHIP Services Dental Association (MSDA) has announced a partnership with dental artificial intelligence (AI) group Overjet. MSDA’s goal is to advance Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP oral health services through quality and policy, according to a press release from the companies, and this partnership with Overjet was done to bolster that goal.

This learning framework will guide participants in using AI in Medicaid dental program administration, particularly during claims processing wherein Overjet’s claims review platform Claim Intelligence will support this curricula.

MSDA will implement a Medicaid Dental Program Artificial Intelligence Learning and Action Collaborative to boost procedure cost-effectiveness while also improving oral healthcare. The 2 companies will aim to make the quality of care for Medicaid beneficiaries better, according to CEO and co-founder of Overjet, Wardah Inam.

“Overjet’s mission is to improve oral health for all, and we are honored to be chosen by MSDA as a partner,” Inam said in the press release. “We look forward to supporting MSDA’s efforts in advancing quality and access to care for all Medicaid beneficiaries. Not only is MSDA a proven advocate in helping states find innovative solutions that increase efficiency and effectiveness for programs and services, MSDA advances data-driven policies aimed at improving health and healthcare equity for Medicaid beneficiaries.”