Major Dental Support Organization and Patterson Dental Announce Partnership

Heartland Dental has selected Patterson Dental as its preferred vendor, giving Patterson exclusive access to its network of more than 750 dental practices.

has announced a product distribution partnership with Heartland Dental, the largest Dental Support Organization in America.

The partnership, which began with the New Year, was recently announced by Patterson Dental in a news release. Patterson’s preferred-vendor status means that any Heartland Dental dentists will now have to purchase products exclusively through Patterson Dental. Vendors and dental-product companies will need to be vetted and approved by Patterson in order to have contact or a working relationship with dentists.

Explaining the decision, Heartland president and CEO Patrick Bauer said his company selected Patterson “because of their history of market-leading service, which dovetails with our experience in the evolving DSO space. Our partnership will benefit from Patterson’s expertise in logistics, technical service, ecommerce and technology, which enables our commitment to mutual growth.”

Patterson Dental president, chairman, and CEO Scott Anderson also lauded the partnership.

“We are excited to partner with a leader such as Heartland Dental that shares our values and the desire to bring best-in-class products and solutions to the dentists and teams they support,” Anderson said.

Heartland provides practice-management services to more than 750 dental practices in the U.S., spread out over 33 states. In addition to providing dentists with continuing education and leadership training, Heartland also offers non-clinical practice support services, such as HR and marketing.