Maeva Dental Advisors Introduces Pronto! Dentistry's Practice Performance System


Designed to benefit multisite dental offices and DSOs, the new platform utilizes AI to shift from “management" to "performance" and enable improved clinical and operational performance.

Maeva Dental Advisors Introduces Pronto! Dentistry's Practice Performance System | Image Credit: © Maeva Dental Advisors

Maeva Dental Advisors Introduces Pronto! Dentistry's Practice Performance System | Image Credit: © Maeva Dental Advisors

Pronto!™ Dentistry's Practice Performance System is designed to evaluate hundreds of clinical, financial, operational, and cultural metrics, across numerous time frames and compares them to industry benchmarks and individual practice goals, surfacing the top10-20 opportunities for multisite dental practices and Dental Services Organizations (DSOs) with 1 simple click.

Just launched by Maeva Dental Advisors, the solution enables practice owners and managers to guide them in identifying, prioritizing, and resolving operational issues with no data interpretation.

For DSOs and multisite dental groups, Pronto! is a software that enables every practice to increase their clinical and operational performance, the company states. Pronto! combines AI with several data-rich sources in real-time to monitor dental practice operations and identify areas that need attention. The software then provides a proven path to remedy challenges immediately.

The innovative product is said to transcend traditional practice management, allowing DSOs and multisite owners to tackle and transform their business challenges accurately and efficiently. By converging operations expertise, smart AI technology, and business systems, Pronto! helps dental practices be more successful. The software helps dentistry shift from practice management to practice performance, according to Maeva Dental Advisors.

"Pronto! empowers DSOs to make better and more precise decisions at unprecedented speed. The success of DSOs sits at the intersection of access to all the right data and smart decision- making. That's the beauty of Pronto!," Vincent Cardillo, CEO of Maeva Dental Advisors, says in a press release announcing the launch.

"Driving practice performance is at the core of Pronto! By focusing on specific opportunities that impact revenue, expenses, quality of care, practice culture, and patient satisfaction we have an immediate and lasting impact on the enterprise value of your business," adds Cardillo.

AI Capabilities

Pronto!'s AI analyzes hundreds of metrics comparing them to monthly goals over numerous timeframes and determines the highest value opportunities.

Pronto! is described as a groundbreaking performance management platform designed to give DSOs complete, single-point access to all their operational data. It integrates data from practice management systems, finance and accounting, human resource and payroll, patient communication, reputation management, VOIP, asset management, marketing data, and call scoring technologies to help practice owners and leaders make better decisions based on the most accurate real-time data, faster. Pronto!'s powerful AI capabilities recognize key areas of improvement based on years of operational expertise to help practice leaders prioritize opportunities with a single click, the company states, delivering a powerful path to performance.

The software doesn't simply highlight areas of poor performance, it also assigns value to them that clearly shows the impact of change. Presently, practice management systems and dashboards operate in silos, limiting the ability to obtain a cohesive picture of practice operations, according to Maeva Dental Advisors. Pronto! eliminates these limitations, providing users with a powerful and immediate competitive advantage.

Pronto! Dentistry's Practice Performance System’s new AI practice performance platform seamlessly integrates people, technology, and systems to powerfully and efficiently elevate dental practice performance.

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