Luer-Lock Bottle Cap Now Included with Vista Apex Premier Irrigation Solutions

The previously sold separately Luer-Lock Bottle Cap will now be sold with all Vista Apex Premier Irrigation Solutions for endodontics.

Endodontic and restorative solutions product company Vista Apex has announced that the new Luer-Lock Bottle Cap will be included with Vista Apex Premier Irrigation Solution. The Luer-Lock Bottle Cap works in tandem with the Luer-Lock syringe to extract the exact amount of solution, allowing for saving of time and waste from splatter or spills.

The cap is now included with Vista apex’s Chlor-XTRA, EDTA, CHX Plus, and SmearOFF. Before this, the cap and syringe were sold separately.

Vista Apex Irrigation Solutions are available for purchase through Vista Apex’s website, or through popular products dealers.