A look ahead to what dental codes will change and affect your practice in 2016 and beyond

No one has their finger on the pulse of coding changes that will affect your practice more than Teresa Duncan. She stops by to tell us what tweaks have been made that will affect your business.

Sure, you know what’s going on with dental codes in 2016 … but do you know what codes are likely to change in the near future and impact your practice? Our insurance editor is here to help.

During a recent Google Hangout, Teresa Duncan of Odyssey Management sat down with me to talk about codes and what dental practices need to know about not only what changes were implemented for this year, but also what changes could be coming down the pike.

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“Everyone wants to know what codes have changed, but I’m always interested in what doesn’t get passed and why,” Duncan said. “What didn't get passed is the whole periodontal disease issue. We’ve already asked why there isn’t a difficult prophy and they’ve taken that into account. An ad hoc committee will be presenting their notes and thoughts at the 2016 code maintenance committee.”

Duncan did advise viewers that much has changed with sedation codes so be sure to check that you have the latest information there.

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For more thoughts and exclusive insight from Duncan on what codes have changed and are changing, please watch the video below.