Leica Microsystems Launches New M320 Integrated 4K Camera

This 4K camera integrated to a microscope will allow clinicians to view high quality images and videos of case presentations.

Leica Microsystems has launched a new M320 Integrated 4K Camera as well as Leica View App that can be used for image streaming of microscope images and video to mobile devices for remote viewing. The integrated 4K camera offers high resolution detail for viewing, according to Vice President of the Medical Business Unit at Leica Microsystems, Chiara Bergerone.

“Patients only feel, but cannot see, what is causing their dental problem,” Bergerone said in a press release from the company. haring insights on the medical finding as well as on the later treatment progress is a very important and powerful way for dentists to reinforce patient trust.”

The 4K images and videos can be transferred to a computer to be used for case documentation, presentations, webinars, training events, and publications. It does this through 2 LED light paths and a deep depth of field to view narrow cavities and structures. It is designed to make patient outcomes betters as well as boosting the dental professional’s comfort level.

Antimicrobial coating is said to support infection control protocols. The M320 surgical microscope for dentistry is available now.