LC Opus is the Latest 3D Printer from Photocentric

The perfect size for a desktop or workbench, the LC Opus is ideally suited for a variety of applications and environments.

Photocentric, Inc., inventors of LCD printing, has debuted its newest 3D printer, Light Crystal (LC) Opus. It is designed to deliver highly accurate prints suitable for a range of industries and applications.

With its rugged construction, the LC Opus has been designed to provide reliable and repeatable performances for beginner or experienced users alike. It features a build volume of 310 x 174 x 220 mm; XY resolution of 81μm, which provides scanned data accuracy ≥95% at <100μm and

≥70% at <50 μm; and an incredibly fast cure speed of 2 seconds per layer at 50μm layer thickness. The LC Opus also features a double-sealed vat construction with carrying handles and pouring spout.

The unit offers even light distribution with the tight tolerance LEDs used, which are chosen for both intensity and wavelength, ensuring a uniform cure. Ultra-quiet PWM fans provide efficient

cooling for the high-powered LED array enabling the LC Opus to run at high temperatures for sustained periods. Its trinamic motor drivers enable smooth and quiet operation, while its precision-engineered mechanical components support reliable and consistent performance.

The LC Opus’ simple plug-and-play setup is complimented by Photocentric’s intuitive STUDIO software, which means that LC Opus is suitable for both experienced and novice users. The unit includes interchangeable platforms that can be switched without the need to recalibrate; a large 7” touch screen display; and Photocentric’s patented peel release technology, ‘Vat-Lift’, which ensures reliability over large surface area printing.