Kuraray Noritake Announces New CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Universal Single-Shade Composite

CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Universal uses Light Diffusion Technology to match the natural tooth structure.

Kuraray Noritake Dental has introduced its new single-shade composite, CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal. Designed to streamline restorative procedures, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Universal saves time by eliminating the need to determine and select the right composite shade for posterior restorations.

The material is said to possess exceptional handling, polishability, and wear resistance properties. Using Kuraray Noritake Dental’s Light Diffusion Technology (LDT), CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Universal diffuses light in a similar way to natural tooth structure, enabling the composite to integrate easily into the preparation. This reportedly offers virtually invisible margins and eliminates the need for blockers.

“We are committed to providing dental professionals with innovative solutions that help them provide better care to their patients,” said Dr Dinesh Sinha, senior technical and marketing manager at Kuraray Noritake. “CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Universal composite builds upon Kuraray Noritake’s extensive knowledge of nano-hybrid polymer technology to deliver a superior restorative experience for dentists and patients alike.”

For more information, visit kuraraydental.com.