Kulzer launches Ivory ReLeaf

Ivory ReLeaf is designed to maintain a dry field during a wide array of dental and hygiene procedures.

Kulzer has launched a time-saving, patient-friendly, high-volume Ivory ReLeaf hands-free HVE suction device.

Ivory ReLeaf is designed to assist with evacuation and retraction and maintains a dry field during a wide array of dental and hygiene procedures. Unlike saliva ejectors, Ivory ReLeaf is a hands-free suction device and a high-volume suction device. It reportedly works in all four quadrants with ergonomic comfort and full view of the oral cavity without the need to be moved around. This can reportedly save up to 15 minutes of time per patient, which can translate into hundreds of dollars in increased production throughout the day.

“The ingenious aspect of Ivory ReLeaf’s design is that its disposable leaves use the cheek and vestibule area for support, rather than relying on the shape of the arch or the orientation of the teeth,” says Lesley Melvin, Kulzer’s director of marketing and product management. “This provides 280 degrees of suction around the leaf to make time-saving uninterrupted suction throughout the oral cavity possible.”

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Ivory ReLeaf is said to further contribute to practice efficiency by conveniently connecting to existing dental vacuum systems in less than 60 seconds.

Ivory ReLeaf is reportedly exceptionally patient-friendly. Patients are said to be less likely to feel claustrophobic since the device does not obstruct the airway, and because Ivory ReLeaf does not reach the soft pallet, gag reflexes are reportedly rarely an issue. In addition, its universal mouthpiece, or “leaf,” is made of a custom blend of latex and BPA-free polymer that is designed to be both soft and comfortable. And because Ivory ReLeaf allows patients to move their heads left and right and up and down, they can communicate on a two-way basis with the clinician during the treatment.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when patients close their lips around low-volume saliva ejectors, backflow can occur when the pressure in the patient's mouth is less than that in the evacuator. “This backflow, which can include previous patients' waste material, colonized biofilm from the tubing and chemicals from flushing the line, is simply not possible with Ivory ReLeaf,” Melvin says.

Dental practices may order a free sample of Ivory ReLeaf at mydental360.com/releaf. Learn more about Ivory ReLeaf and other Kulzer products at www.kulzerUS.com.