KronosMD Files Patent for Ultrasound Teeth Whitening Technology


If approved, this patent would allow for a new type of teeth whitening, powered by ultrasound, that eliminates the need for chemicals and lasers.

KronosMD Files Patent for Ultrasound Teeth Whitening Technology. Image: © Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc

KronosMD Files Patent for Ultrasound Teeth Whitening Technology. Image: © Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc

Ultrasound technology company KronosMD has announced that it is filing a patent for a new ultrasound teeth whitening technology. The patent-pending technology is said to use ultrasound waves to penetrate enamel and dentin layers to remove discoloration and stains, according to a press release from KronosMD. It is designed to be a safe solution by eliminating the need for chemicals or laser treatment. This patent was filed by inventor and CEO Dr Greg Rubin.

“We are thrilled to announce the filing of this patent application for our innovative teeth whitening technology. We believe that this technology has the potential to disrupt the teeth whitening market by offering a safer and more effective alternative to traditional methods,” Dr Rubin says in the press release. “We are excited to bring this product to market and provide a more convenient and affordable at-home solution for people who want a brighter, healthier smile.”

This is a provisional patent filed in the United State Patent Office. It aligns with KronosMD’s intellectual property development goals and, if approved, could disrupt the way teeth whitening solutions are manufactured, according to the company. KronosMD has a variety of issued and provisional patents in relation to remote virtual imaging devices and dental ultrasound imaging platforms and sensors.

This comes after a recent Grand View Research reported cited in the press release, that the global teeth whitening market is valued in the billions and rising in 2023. With an increased demand, KronosMD aims to find a solution in its S-WAVE ultrasound technology.

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