Komet USA Launches Single-Patient Use Instruments

Komet USA has introduced hundreds of new, sterile single-patient use burs that are designed to be quick and efficient, especially with Komet’s portfolio of multi-use rotary instruments.

These new single-use instruments are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for any restorative procedure. They were developed with ISO standards in mind and are packaged in a class 7 cleanroom using gamma irradiation sterilization. This line includes diamond and carbides that are designed to be ready-to-use out of the packaging, which includes an inventory countdown.

"We are proud to continually meet the market's demand for premium quality dental instruments. Our German-engineered diamond and carbide burs are optimally designed based on the needs and feedback of our customers and professional partners," said Todd Blanton, CEO of Komet USA.

For more information, visit kometusa.com.