Komet USA Announces New Endodontic Motor EndoPilot

Komet USA has announced the availability of a new endodontic motor called EndoPilot.

Komet USA has now announced a new endodontic motor called the EndoPilot. Designed with speed and technology in mind, the EndoPilot is available for endodontists to use for any patient.

Featuring a smart motor function that stops once the prep length has been reached and an integrated apex locator that demonstrates file position, EndoPilot has innovative features that other motors don’t, according to a press release from the company. It also features the ReFlex motion, a patented movement from Komet which is said to be able to detect transitions in order to decrease torsional stress on the file.

The system comes with an insulated handpiece, a 7-inch touchscreen, a rechargeable battery, and a pre-loaded library of popular file systems.

To learn more about EndoPilot or Komet USA, visit the website here.