Keystone Industries Introduces KeyDenture Try-In 3D Printing Resin

This new 3D printing resin from Keystone Industries is meant to yield accurate and easy to rescan waxups throughout the digital denture process.

Keystone Industries has announced its new 3D printing resin designed for manufacturing short-term trial dentures called KeyDenture Try-In. KeyDenture Try-In is compatible with various printers and workflows, according to a press release from Keystone Industries. It is a biocompatible Class I, FDA-registered resin available in 3 shades (A1, B1, and BL4).

The KeyDenture Try-In is said to yield waxups with accuracy, surface luster, and color, as well as the correct measurements and fit the first time around. Necessary modifications can be redone and scanned at the dental laboratory and without the need for scan spray. This resin is meant to serve as an important tool in the denture process, according to Keystone Industries’ Dental President Ira Rosenau.

“We are very excited to release KeyDenture Try-In to the market,” Rosenau said in the press release. “Keystone has dedicated decades of work to provide denturists, doctors, and patients with high-quality denture materials. We understand the outcome clinicians are looking for, and we believe KeyDenture Try-In will become a trusted tool to delivery outstanding final dentures to the patient population.”

The finished device is said to be odorless, tasteless, and free of MMA, BPA, and phthalates.