Kettenbach Dental Expands Futar Material Line

Futar Easy and Futar Easy Fast allow for precise capturing of the occlusal relationships.

Kettenbach Dental has released 2 new additions to its Futar® product line—Futar Easy and Futar Easy Fast. The easy-to-apply bite registration materials are based on A-silicone, which allows for precise capturing of the occlusal relationships, according to a press release from the company.

Futar Easy & Futar Easy Fast can be used for precise registrations and are suitable for applications requiring a hard silicone (Shore-A 90). Both materials are said to be easily trimmed and their low dispensing force makes application easy. The materials can be applied immediately, eliminating waste. Both products are also highly thixotropic so they do not flow away into the interdental spaces but remain stable on the tooth.

Due to the shorter processing time, Futar Easy Fast is especially useful for smaller applications and increases patient comfort. Both products also feature a matching color code—the cartridge cap and shield on the cartridge correspond with the mixing tip by color.