Kerr Endodontics launches OptiDam

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OptiDam to provide the first three-dimensional, low radiopacity rubber dam.

Kerr Endodontics has announced the North American launch of OptiDam, a three-dimensional rubber dam unlike any other.

Practicing dentists recognize the simple truth behind the use of rubber dams: They are critical to the success and safety of endodontic and restorative procedures. OptiDam is designed to exceed industry expectations to provide the first three-dimensional, low radiopacity rubber dam that offers dental professionals stress-free positioning and patients outstanding comfort.

OptiDam’s design focuses on four core deliverables:

  • Efficacy: Its 3D design offers dentists optimal visibility and accessibility to the treatment area. A clean operating area leads to greater success in procedures.

  • Practicality: Low radiopacity means there is no need to remove the dam during X-rays. Further, its anatomical shape leads to reduced tensioning, meaning dentists don’t need to worry about the dam snapping out of place.

  • Ease of use: A distinctive nipple design guides the dental professional during positioning for easer assembly and removal. Its intelligent shape means the saliva ejector can comfortably fit underneath the dam.

  • Comfort: Specifically shaped to allow patients to breathe freely, the dam also features versatile anterior and posterior versions to adapt to the dental procedure as needed.

“Not merely soliciting feedback from dental professionals, but truly listening for source of discomfort and inefficiencies in their day-to-day work is essential to the development process behind products such as OptiDam,” says Phil Prentice, vice president of North America for KaVo Kerr. “The rubber dam is a staple of dental procedures, and we believe we’ve elevated a basic tool to something extraordinary that will have a noticeable and immediate impact on the dentist’s work.”

For more information on OptiDam and for the entire Kerr Endodontics family of products, go to or call 800-KERR123.