Ivoclar Vivadent Introduces ZirCAD Cement

This economical resin-modified glass ionomer cement is easy to use for placement of zirconia and metal-based restorations.

Designed to provide a reliable and economical option for the cementation of retentive designed zirconia and metal-based restorations, ZirCAD Cement is a resin-modified glass ionomer cement with a simple workflow.

The cement is said to be easy to clean up in its gel phase, and it offers working time for use with both single-tooth restorations, as well as multi-unit bridges. The material can be tack cured for simplified clean-up, and with its low film thickness it flows easily out of the cementation gap yet stops at the margin. With a lasting fluoride release, ZirCAD Cement offers protection for the restoration and the restored tooth.

Delivered via a standard automix syringe, the cement is easy to place with precision directly into the prepared restoration. No primer or condition is necessary when using ZirCAD Cement.