Ivoclar Vivadent Introduces New, Efficient Version of its Adhese Universal VivaPen

The unique VivaPen is used to apply Adhese Universal, a light-curing single-component adhesive for direct and indirect restorations and all etching techniques.

The new, efficient version of Ivoclar Vivadent’s VivaPen is designed to provide up to 3 times more applications per milliliter of contents compared with conventional bottles.

The redesigned VivaPen is said to be very comfortable to handle. The pen’s “click” mechanism dispenses the exact amount of bonding agent needed and therefore ensures the quick and controlled direct intraoral application of restoratives. The bendable tip gives access to all areas of the mouth and all cavity sizes. As a result of the VivaPen's streamlined shape, the view of the working field remains unobstructed. The fill level indicator built into the VivaPen provides constant information about the amount of adhesive that is still left in the pen.

Adhese Universal
The universal adhesive Adhese Universal achieves reliable high bond strength values (> 25 MPa) on enamel and dentin, irrespective of the etching protocol used or of the wet or dry condition of the tooth surface. Predictable high bond strength values allow practitioners to work with confidence. Adhese Universal features an integrated desensitizing effect, which eliminates the need for a separate desensitizing agent. It can be applied very thinly and therefore offers practitioners exceptional freedom in the fabrication of direct and indirect restorations. The adhesive establishes a sound foundation on which customized solutions and outstanding esthetic results can be achieved.

According to Ivoclar Vivadent,the combination of Adhese Universal and the new VivaPen promises threefold efficiency:

Up to 3 times more applications– economically dispensed from the VivaPen
The simple “click” mechanism pumps the exact amount of adhesive needed. The adhesive does not have to be predispensed into a mixing well. This significantly reduces the amount of material wasted.

Universal use–for direct and indirect restorations and all etching protocols
Adhese Universal is the ideal adhesive for bonding composites of the company’s Tetric line. The product acts as an adhesive in the placement of indirect and direct restorations with light- and dual-curing luting materials or as a primer for conditioning restorations made from Tetric CAD composite blocks.

Three-second curing–fast and reliable process
Adhese Universal cures with conventional curing lights (with a light intensity of 2000 mW/cm2) in just 5 seconds. At a light intensity of 3000 mW/cm2, as provided by the Bluephase PowerCure from Ivoclar Vivadent, the curing process is reduced to only 3 seconds.

The new Ivoclar Vivadent VivaPen became available as of October 2021.