Ivoclar Vivadent introduces Bluephase G4 curing light


This is reportedly the first intelligent LED curing light on the market.

Ivoclar Vivadent announces the introduction of the new Bluephase® G4, reportedly the first intelligent LED curing light.

Bluephase G4 automated assistance system is designed to detect if the handpiece moved during the curing process and the restoration can no longer be cured reliably. Depending on the extent of movement, the Bluephase G4 Polyvision™ either emits a vibration alert to inform the operator of the error and, if necessary, automatically extends the curing time by 10 percent, or - if the handpiece moves too much (e.g., slips off the tooth) - interrupts the curing cycle by automatically shutting off so that the cycle can be repeated correctly.

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Like its Bluephase Style predecessor- the top-rated LED curing light for the last six years - the new Bluephase G4 features Polywave™ technology to enable curing of all dental materials. With the addition of innovative Polyvision™ technology, the uniquely stylish, user-friendly and efficient Bluephase G4 is engineered to facilitate reliable and complete curing during polymerization procedures.

Reliable, efficient curing

The Bluephase G4 features a light output of 1200 mW/cm2, Polywave LED technology in a broadband spectrum of 385 to 515nm, and a 10-mm wide light guide with a homogeneous beam profile. Additionally, the curing light is also equipped with anti-glare protection to prevent activation in open space. Combined, these capabilities are said to contribute to exceptionally efficient use, high-quality results and short procedure time.

Overall, the new Bluephase G4 LED curing light is designed to promote easy handling and discreet assistance for reliable curing results and satisfied patients.

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