Ivoclar Releases IPS e.max Calculator for Production Costs

This new production cost calculator from Ivoclar will help dental labs choose the right workflow and optimize time and money for manufacturing.

Ivoclar has released its IPS e.max Calculator, designed to calculate production costs of different restorations. This free, online tool will allow users to calculate cost and potential profit through just a few clicks, according to a press release from Ivoclar.

The calculator considers the working steps such as wax up, pressing, prep for staining and firing, and others. It then considers material cost and investment cost. These tools are available for press, print & press, and mill, which then, after making the calculation, will give the results in an easy-to-understand currency-per-restoration rate. The calculator takes into account a variety of factors like manufacturing cost, turnover per day, and even the break-even after.

This ensures profit can be planned, according to Ivoclar. This calculator was designed to help dental labs establish profit and cost effectiveness before even beginning the production process, optimizing workflows and saving time and money.

The calculator is available here.