It's 2016: Here's what you need to know about group dental practices

Dr. Marc Cooper has long spoken of the growing role of group practices in dentistry. In 2016, he sees that escalating faster. He tells us why.

For years, Dr. Marc Cooper of the Mastery Company has been discussing the changing landscape of dentistry and how group practices are becoming more and more the rule rather than the exception. His views are gaining more and more traction as 2016 gathers steam.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Cooper sat down with me to talk about not only the growing role of group practices in the dental industry but also to share some surprising statistics about how much group practices are expanding.

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Additionally, Dr. Cooper believes it’s not a matter of “if” group practices will dominate the dental landscape, but a question of “when.”

“Think about how many airlines you know or how many phone companies you can name,” Dr. Cooper said. “Consolidation is a part of today’s business and those who think dentistry won’t follow the rest of business don’t understand the landscape in front of them.”

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Click below to watch my exclusive talk with Dr. Cooper and why he believes group practices are the future for dentistry.

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