International Dental Show – Day 4 Recap

The flood of dental industry news and new product debuts continued as the 2023 International Dental Show continues.

As the 2023 International Dental Show (IDS) wraps up its fourth day of dental product exhibitions, numerous new innovations were still to be found throughout the numerous exhibit halls. The trends of advanced software applications, enhanced 3D printing, and sustainable solutions continued to be apparent in the products making their debut at the event in Cologne, Germany.

Formlabs Showcases a Quintet of New 3D Printing Solutions

With a focus on enhancing 3D printing efficiency and ease of use, formlabs showcased 5 new enhancements and innovations at IDS 2023. With so many new things to see, it's not a big surprise that the company's booth was a busy place as the new products and updated solutions offer numerous time-saving opportunities.

With the company's enhanced offerings faster printing and post-production is easier than ever. Among the new technologies from formlabs is the FastCure curing system that can completely cure printed parts in just 1 to 6 minutes.

Other new formlabs updates include PreForm Dental software that automatically sets up print details such as layer thickness, material, orientation and supports. Other software enhancements include Fast Arch Printing which can produce 8 arches in 20 minutes or a single arch in less than 10.

The other two updates formlabs announced during IDS are integration with 3Shape to make it easier to bring an intraoral scan into the formlabs software, and a new Bleach shade for the company's temporary crown material.

Asiga Simplifies 3D Printed Splints With UltraGloss™ Material Trays

UltraGLOSS™ allows you to 3D print clear parts directly with a glossy / pre-polished surface removing the need for manual post-polishing.
No special post processing steps are required. Simply 3D print your parts using Asiga's new UltraGLOSS material trays and then wash and cure as normal following the material manufacturers guidelines.
The result—a pre-polished finish direct from the 3D printer.

Once the printing workflow is complete the UltraGloss splints are ready for the patient, which saves time for everyone involved. The material is compatible with the Asiga MAX UV, MAX X, and PRO 4K 3D printers.

Good Fit Technologies Shows A Compostable Clear Aligner Material

The sustainable dental products trend was evident throughout IDS 2023, but the new GT FLEX® GREEN aligner material from Good Fit Technologies could help eliminate one of the biggest sources of waste in the dental industry as traditional clear aligner production workflows produce a large amount of material waste, and that's not even counting the waste created after a patient finishes with an aligner.

The material is 100% plant-based and free of plastics. It works with standard clear aligner thermoforming workflows, allowing the material to be used without the need to change production processes. While the material is eco-friendly, it still provides the clarity, strength, and comfort necessary in a clear aligners and retainers.

Planmeca Rolls Out Numerous New Innovations

While new products are always a part of the IDS experience, perhaps no company used this stage to launch more innovations than Planmeca. The company issued press releases throughout the week to tout each of its new offerings that included imaging systems, software updates, equipment launches, and more.

Among the new solutions from Planmeca is the company's latest 3D imaging solution the Viso® G3 which is designed to capture detailed images of a patient's entire dentition, and like other Viso solutions from Planmeca, the G3 allows users to capture 3D patient images with low radiation doses, among other features.

Other new innovations on display at the Planmeca booth include the Pro50™ dental unit which is designed for patient comfort, clinician ergonomics, simple infection control, and adaptability to meet the needs of any clinician.

The company's Romexis® software platform also received upgrades with a simplified and enhanced CAD/CAM module, an orthodontic outcome simulator, and the artificial intelligence powered Romexis Smart module that automatically recognizes anatomies and segments 3D CBCT images.

Among the other new systems from Planmeca is the Imprex™ mobile scanning station that allows the Emerald® S intraoral scanner to be connected to a portable screen for easier patient communication around digital impression scans.