Intelliscan launches INTELLISCAN 3D Intraoral Scanner

This new digital impression solution provides the features of leading intraoral scanning solutions at an economical price point.

Designed to make digital impressions accessible and simple to integrate into any practice, the INTELLISCAN 3D intraoral scanner from Intelliscan is a user-friendly, open-source, economical system.

The scanner captures full color digital impressions using structured light technology without the need for a scanning contrast powder. The scanning wand is smaller than average, and the anti-fog scan head helps it capture scans efficiently.

Motion sensing technology in the scanner allows it to be operated without the need to touch the laptop, which can reduce cross-contamination risks. The system is open-source without any scanning- or data-related fees, allowing scans to be saved and sent to almost any digital dental software application for a wide range of clinical applications.