Integrating Simplifeye into your practice

How Simplifeye can help your practice become more streamlined and efficient.

Simplifeye reportedly connects you, your patients and your business using state-of-the-art consumer tech, and is the number one mobile experience for healthcare providers.

Simplifeye is said to help you and your office reduce wait times and create a more personal patient experience.

Time optimization:

All your patients for the day are displayed on your iPhone and color-coded by procedure type. This is said to allow instant, secure access to your schedule in the office or on the go. The at-a-glance patient and procedure lists reportedly help you eliminate downtime and plan your day. 


Simplifeye is said to remove the friction from coordinating check-ins and exam rooms through instantaneous communication. The system allows real-time integration with your PM/EMR, along with what are said to be easier, more intuitive provider notifications.

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Apple Watch integration:

Simplifeye on the Apple Watch is said to give you comprehensive appointment info the instant you need it. A tap on your wrist tells you when your next patient is ready to be seen and allows you to know your patient’s name and visit reason before you walk in the door. You can also see a quick rundown of medications, health alerts and previous appointments. 

Patient follow-up:

Simplifeye allows you to build your post-op call list with just one tap. You can even reportedly make secure phone calls without revealing your personal number, because patient callbacks are routed directly to your office telephone