Insurance Industry 'Disruptor'? Dental Care Membership Plan Expands

Afora, a dental membership plan, is expanding into Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. The membership plan allocates basic dental services to patients for a monthly fee. A more expensive version allows for two additional cleanings. Afora focuses on preventative care, but also gives members access to more in-depth care options for flat fees.

For $25 per month, Afora provides members with two dental cleanings, an anual exam and X-rays.

Afora, a new kind of dental membership plan that connects patients to dental professionals, has announced plans to expand coverage to customers in Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Currently, the company only provides services to people in New York.

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The company has been labeled a “disruptor” in the traditional dental insurance industry. Afora saves customers up to one-third of the costs associated with dental treatment and has already been successful with members in New York.

Members choose from one of two dental membership plans. The Basic Coverage plan includes two dental cleanings, and an annual exam and X-ray for only $25 each month. The Premium Coverage option includes everything included in the Basic Plan with the addition of two more cleanings every year. Both plans include access to a flat fee schedule for additional work, and the Premium Coverage plan provides vouchers toward services such as teeth whitening and comprehensive orthodontic services.

The membership plan’s network of dental providers was created by dentists using an interviewing and rating system. Afora is also planning to create a system for member feedback to further evaluate and vet dental professionals within the company’s network of providers. Also, Afora plans to add more dental specialists into the provider network as part of their expansion efforts.

Afora is not dental insurance. Instead, monthly fees paid by members cover all preventative dental services. If a patient needs more in-depth dental care, they can search the provider network and pay a flat-fee rate for the service they need performed. There are no deductibles and no insurance payment caps.

Afora was founded to provide dental coverage for a variety of consumers, including individuals, families, and small businesses. The company prides itself on connecting patients to high-quality, trusted dental professionals that offer transparent pricing.

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