Innovator Profile: MacPractice explosion of mobile technology

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-07-01, Issue 7

To learn more about how MacPractice is changing the caries detection landscape of dental software, DPR sat down with MacPractice CEO, Mark Hollis, to learn more about this EHR-certified software. DPR: First, tell our readers about MacPractice and why you believe your company stands out in the industry.

To learn more about how MacPractice is changing the caries detection landscape of dental software, DPR sat down with MacPractice CEO, Mark Hollis, to learn more about this EHR-certified software.

DPR: First, tell our readers about MacPractice and why you believe your company stands out in the industry.

Mark: MacPractice is the leading Apple software development company for doctors. Patrick Clyne, MacPractice’s President, directed the development of the first dental software with a graphical user interface, integrated tooth charting, QuickTime audio, intraoral video capture and integrated digital X-rays.

We have been dedicated for 30 years to developing, implementing and supporting software for dentists who use Apple technologies in their practices. Our employees and MacPractice Practice Consultants provide on-site training, remote support and software development required for practices to be successful with MacPractice software and apps.

DPR: How does MacPractice integrate with today’s explosion of mobile technology?

Mark: We leverage every new Apple technology. MacPractice DDS offers an iPhone app for dentists to access patient information and communicate with their staff from outside the office. Additionally, we introduced four iPad specific applications that interact with MacPractice DDS to streamline office processes by utilizing patient generated data entry.

In a practice that uses mobile technology, the patient signs in on an iPad with MacPractice Patient Check In app without staff assistance. Check in is simplified and the iPad interacts with Macs in the office to notify the staff of the patient’s arrival.

Instead of handing patients a clipboard with paper forms, the staff hands them an iPad with MacPractice Clipboard app that allows patients to register, provide their health history, sign a HIPAA release, review forms and take their photo with the iPad. Presto-the patient has entered the data themselves making this process faster and easier for everyone.

Fast forward to the exam room. The clinical staff can review the health history by using MacPractice EHR on a Mac or iEHR on an iPad, or both. It all works together in real time.

Check out these videos and see what MacPractice DDS users have to say...

DPR: What does it mean that MacPractice is EHR-certified, and why should that matter to the dental professional?

Mark: MacPractice DDS MU makes it possible for those dentists who see Medicaid or otherwise underserved patients, as well as those dentists who bill Medicare for some services, to demonstrate Meaningful Use and to qualify for incentive payments. Only 2014 Edition certified software like MacPractice DDS MU allows practices to comply with legislation requiring dentists to exchange clinical data with other healthcare providers.

Certified software is better because it meets rigorous government guidelines for data security. It features improved secure messaging between the dentist and other healthcare providers by utilizing a structured format understood by all certified EHRs. MacPractice DDS also offers a built-in patient portal that allows patients to be involved in their dental treatment.

Single application, single database, fully integrated certified software like MacPractice is better because there is consistency throughout the application. It is easier to learn and to use, therefore less costly to implement. A single database means a single location for the data, a single backup, a single support contract, updates for only one application, etc.

DPR: Of course, a key part of MacPractice’s name is “Mac.” Tell our readers why they should think about bringing Apple products into their dental practices.

Mark: Apple makes products that are easy, reliable, fast, innovative, impressive, fun and that require the lowest annual IT cost. Only Mac OS X and iOS native applications like those MacPractice develops can make the advantages of Apple’s innovations relevant to dentistry.

When you buy devices manufactured by a company like Apple that is repeatedly ranked #1 for quality and support, you minimize costly downtime in your practice. MacPractice’s technical support team routinely performs many services remotely, and MacPractice users typically report only $300-$500 in annual IT expenses.

Apple is constantly introducing new versions of their operating systems. MacPractice releases compatible updates at no additional cost, while continuing to support those who prefer not to upgrade.

The use of Apple devices gives patients the impression that the dentist is esthetically minded and technologically advanced. This perception can help with attracting new patients as well as improving case acceptance.

DPR: What’s the one thing you want readers to know about MacPractice after reading this article?

Mark: MacPractice lives and breaths to create, implement and support the best dental software, constantly taking advantage of every Apple innovation and every dental industry innovation to benefit dentists and their patients. We are an innovative software company – it’s in our DNA and always will be.


Mobile Technology

MacPractice’s ‘Patient Check In App’ allows patients to alert staff automatically of arrival and to update practice management software in real time. Our ‘Clipboard’ app reduces staff data entry, since the patient is handed an iPad (that looks just like a clipboard). They enter their information, so the staff doesn’t have to.



Lower IT Costs & Fewer Headaches

MacPractice users typically report only $300-$500 in annual expense. That’s not $300-$500 per month – that is for an entire year. And as with most Apple products, doctors who use MacPractice experience fewer crashes, viruses and minimal critical downtime, if any. MacPractice users say, “MacPractice just works.”

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