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Innovator Profile 2015: Zirc


Q&A with Nicolle Campion, vice president of sales and marketing

Q&A with Nicolle Campion, vice president of sales and marketing

Q. We know “time is everything,” but how can a dental products company help dental offices be more efficient?A. We have a few different areas we try to tackle with our products. Whether it’s something like mr. thirsty® one-step, which allows dental assistants to move away from the chair to tackle more important tasks while a dentist is working, or our color-coded cassettes, tubs and trays to increase efficiency, we’re trying to find the most common time-wasters and eliminate them.

Q. What is mr. thirsty® one-step?
mr. thirsty® one-step is a product that acts as an isolator, retractor and evacuator all in one. There are so many benefits to this product for everyone involved: the patient, the assistant, the hygienist and the dentist.

Q. What are the benefits of the mr. thirsty® one-step?
The mr. thirsty® one-step allows the dental assistant to perform more revenue-generating duties while the dentist is working. Instead of focusing on providing suction in the mouth, the assistant can prepare the next operatory, manage sterilization, spend more time on patient education or complete other clinical tasks. In addition, hygienists can work more efficiently by not having to stop repeatedly to use the saliva ejector. mr. thirsty® one-step also keeps the patient’s mouth open, giving the practitioner a less obstructed view, while the tongue shield acts as a barrier to the patient’s airway, keeping the patient safe and comfortable. With mr. thirsty® one-step’s two fun colors, it also looks nonthreatening to patients, improving their overall office experience. The best part is that it is cost-effective and disposable, saving time with no maintenance.

Video: How to use Zirc's mirror magic™ to eliminate fog from dental mirrors during routine examinations

Q. Tell us about the anti-fog system.
Zirc’s mirror magic® anti-fog system helps make your diagnoses and procedures go as smoothly as possible. Using a special pad and droplet formula that you can wear conveniently on your gloved hands, the mirror magic system not only keeps your mirrors fog free but also provides outstanding visualization.

With the special disposable pad, mirror magic® also helps with debris removal, keeping your mirror clean and functional. Dentists also love that they can use any mirror with the system, which means they can have a better product but still keep their costs down.

Innovator Profile 2015: ZEST Anchors

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Q. Do you offer mirrors to go with the anti-fog system?
Ten years ago, Zirc released the Crystal HD® mirror lens. This lens provides high definition visuals that are 40-percent brighter than rhodium lenses. With an ergonomic design and a high definition reflection, the Crystal HD® mouth mirrors are the easiest on your eyes and hands.
We provide one-piece mouth mirrors and two options for screw-on heads: stainless steel and resin. Not only are these mirrors the easiest to use when it comes to visuals and ergonomics, but the resin heads are also great in terms of patient comfort and ease in sterilization. All Crystal HD® mouth mirrors are autoclavable, but the resin styles are flush with the mirrors, meaning there is no gap around the lens in which debris can settle and no possibility of corrosion. Patients are also more at ease with resin heads as the chance of experiencing a galvanic shock is eliminated.

Q. The images most patients have of a dental office is one full of stainless steel tools and the sound of a distant, yet imposing, drill, but we’ve noticed that your products provide a new image of plastic organizers and bright colors. Why is that?
We believe in providing affordable and simple strategies so dental offices can improve their organization, reduce stress and improve the patient experience. Color-coding materials and tools by procedure using esthetically pleasing colors and materials helps us do that.

Webinar: Increase case acceptance with patient education systems

Q. A lot of dentists try out a product and come to the conclusion that they didn’t know what they were missing and they couldn’t go back to the way things were before. Do you think it’s the same with organization?
. Absolutely. Many dentists want to be more organized but put off taking real steps to getting there, probably because they just don’t know how much more productive their day to day in the office could be.

Q. How do you show dentists how being organized can drastically improve their day-to-day in the operatory?
We actually started providing a special organizational box to dentists, particularly those looking to build a new practice or remodel an existing one. We call it Z.O.B.E: Zirc’s Organizational Box of Efficiency.
Z.O.B.E. gives dentists a hands-on demonstration as a free one-week trial. Zirc ships a box of more than 20 color-coding products along with tips on organization and provides a personal consultation. At the end of the week, the dentist ships it back to Zirc. It’s a great way to visualize what products you’ll need before you purchase and keeps you from overpurchasing and wasting money.

E-book: 10 simple ways to ensure your safety in the dental office

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Watch the video below to learn more about mr. thirsty:

mr. thirsty® one-step
Hands-free device
mr. thirsty® one-step is a device that retracts, isolates and evacuates while providing an unobstructed field, creating the ideal intraoral work environment. Hands-free isolation means you don’t need to stop repeatedly to use the saliva ejector.
Time savings
You have the freedom to perform additional tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity.
Enhanced features
mr. thirsty® one-step has two sizes and is 100-percent disposable, eliminating any post-procedure processing while saving time, labor and costs.
Patient benefits
mr. thirsty® one-step acts as a shield to the airway. The bite block allows the jaw to rest while keeping the mouth open.

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