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Q&A with Dr. Kevin Morgester, Morgester Dental, Chesterfield, Mo.

Q&A with Dr. Kevin Morgester, Morgester Dental, Chesterfield, Mo.

Q: How long have you used CEREC technology in your practice?
I’ve been a CEREC owner since 2006 and, as many claim, I was the biggest skeptic and critic. However, my growth had stagnated, and since I couldn’t physically do any more dentistry, I needed to find a way to increase my net by lowering cost somewhere. After several years of discussion with the Patterson branch manager, I finally gave in. The unit was delivered three weeks before my scheduled training date. So because I spent the money already and it was sitting in my office, I decided to read the instructions and give it a go. After a couple of restorations on the models, I felt confident I was ready to try a real human.

That was interesting and, needless to say, that person got a traditional crown. But by trying before training, I feel it gave me a better idea of what they were talking about during the training. Back in the office the Monday after training, we really went hard at using it. After just two days into it, I was hooked. I loved the control of creating the restoration with instant results. Waiting for a crown from the lab became awful­­­ -the unknown, would it fit, would the color be correct, would the temp come off on Saturday?

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Q: How has this technology changed the practice’s workflow? And explain how using CEREC has impacted the practice’s lifestyle.
What I didn’t realize for a couple of months was that with being able to finish in one appointment, the time normally set aside for cementation was being filled with billable procedures, thus pulling forward our production and opening more space to appoint patients in a timely fashion. I don’t think doctors realize it saves so much money not having a second appointment for cementation. Not only is there no production (it was all billed at preparation appointment) but you no longer have to set the room up twice, and the second setup still costs money.

Q: What do you like best about CEREC?
I like that every time I use it to create something, I stop and say “I still can’t believe this machine can do this. Amazing.” It blows me away. I constantly feel like I forgot something because the  software and CEREC Omnicam are so easy to use, I am done with a great design in a couple of minutes.

Control of the process is incredible. I love knowing what I want and seeing it come to life in minutes as opposed to waiting for two weeks to get a crown back from the lab tech and if it doesn’t fit then waiting two more weeks to get it corrected. That’s one month down the drain. It may have even changed seasons by the time you get that crown in. If by some strange circumstance the CEREC crown doesn’t fit, I will know in 12 minutes and can make the necessary changes and get a new one in another 12 minutes­­. So maybe I lose 30 minutes, not one month.

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Q: What has the patient response been like?
Patients who have had crowns in the past can’t believe there is no temp, no impression material and no two weeks. When they go back to work with the crown completed, their co-workers can’t believe it. If they need a second crown, many patients will take video of the design and milling process to show co-workers and friends. This, of course, has led to countless referrals based solely on the CEREC technology. I always tell the story of the day I had the monitor go out suddenly on the CEREC and needed it replaced. Patterson had it overnighted, but I had three people scheduled, and two were already at the office. When I informed them of the problem and that we could still see them, but that it would just require us to take an impression and make a temp,  they all reappointed.

Q: What advice would you offer doctors who have yet to bring this technology into their practices?
Patients are amazed, which makes you look cool and smart and like you are really invested in your patient care and practice. Tooth trauma is reduced by only working with the tooth one time, and not having to anesthetize the patient twice is always nice. There is no real reason a dentist in this day cannot have and succeed with CEREC. The software is very intuitive and user-friendly. The Omnicam takes the images, and all the doctor has to do is move his/her hand.

It’s so easy people off the street can use it. I discovered I was giving a ton of money away. Ten years of CEREC use equals about $840,000 I saved on lab fees.

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Another thing about CEREC and Sirona has been the constant advancement and innovation. They just don’t sit on what they have. I love the incorporation of implant restoration and total control from surgery to final prosthetic delivery. This is an amazing process. Lower cost and no surprise lab fees allows me to keep implants affordable for patients, which leads to significantly higher case acceptance.

The access to information and support in the CEREC community is the best I’ve seen in dentistry and is only getting better. Also, the CEREC anniversary events are something to see and not miss. Everyone is so willing to share information and help.


EREC AC with Omnicam and MC X Milling Unit
The CEREC AC with Omnicam provides you with advanced scanning at its simplest. With unrivaled handling, powder-free scanning and precise 3D images in natural color, the CEREC Omnicam takes digital impressions to a new level of ease, intuition and ergonomic comfort. The CEREC MC X milling unit provides absolute, precise results in just minutes. For your practice, this means durable, safe restorations that meet the highest standards of esthetics at the same time.

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To learn more about the CEREC Omnicam, watch the video below:

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