Innovator Profile 2015: Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc.

Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc., is excited to announce the arrival of the next evolution in dentistry … cubeX² cubic zirconia.

Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc., is excited to announce the arrival of the next evolution in dentistry … cubeX² cubic zirconia.

The cubic/tetragonal microstructure, which is previously unknown with current zirconium oxides and to which the material owes its characterization as cubic zirconia, is basically responsible for its extremely high translucency and strength.

Most all ceramic restorative materials experience a degradation of strength values over time in vivo due to aging/phase transformation. Due to the enhanced stability of the cubic phase in cubeX2 (versus the tetragonal phase found in conventional zirconia products), less phase transformation is observed in vivo, allowing cubeX2 to retain much more of its initial strength over time.

Convenience of conservative preparation and cementation
cubeX² requires less tooth preparation than lithium disilicate. Ideally, an .8 mm chamfer or rounded shoulder prep is preferred; however, a feather-edge margin is acceptable. The required occlusal reduction is between 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm.

Conventional resin-modified glass ionomer cements are recommended when adequate retention is present (4 mm or longer) or resin cements for short or tapered preparations.

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Designed specifically for today’s dentistry
Both dentists and patients love the translucency and the warm, chameleon effect that cubeX² exhibits intraorally.

“In my practice, monolithic zirconia is here to stay. However, due to its lack of translucency, it has been primarily indicated for posterior applications,” says Dr. Leonard Hess, senior instructor of the Dawson Academy. “Finally, the wait for a zirconia product that has both superior esthetics and strength is now available. cubeX² cubic zirconia is my new first choice for a monolithic material in all tooth positions.”

The combination of durability along with the enhanced translucency and the resultant exceptional lifelike esthetics of cubeX² make it the restoration of choice for both anterior and posterior applications.

In brief
The new cubeX² cubic molecular structure (720 MPas) creates a new category of zirconia that features maximum translucency with outstanding stability and strength.

cubeX² is precision milled in just five working days at a flat rate cost of $109/unit. You no longer need to choose between lithium disilicate and conventional zirconia when cubeX² provides both beauty and strength.

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