Independa will Deliver Health Offerings on LG TVs

Various telehealth services, including dental, will now be available for anyone with a 2021 or 2022 LG Smart TV.

TV-based education platform Independa has announced a new partnership to offer its users Independa Health Hub. This will be launched on all 2021 and 2022 LG Smart Televisions in North America.

These services will allow consumers the ability to connect and communicate directly with healthcare providers through their TVs in their own home. Included in these services is teledentistry service Dentulu. Patients can utilize the video chat interface to consult with healthcare professionals. They can also use personal notifications and pop-ups for reminders. Independa is the first telehealth service provided on LG TVs, a service that can be of great help for patients who have limited access to in-person healthcare, according to founder and CEO of Independa Kian Saneii.

"Independa empowers those most vulnerable and difficult to reach in our communities by simplifying access to important services and benefits, allowing connectivity and engagement through the familiar TV interface to support and prolong healthy, vibrant independence," Saneii said in a press release from the company. "Our LG partnership brings ongoing and meaningful engagement with loved ones to millions of homes, while offering a greater operational and staff efficiencies for organizations looking to better connect with their care recipients, be they residents in communities, clients in their own homes, individuals in population health, managed care or PACE programs, or even patients in hospitals. Independa is committed to improve access and engagement, while reducing the cost of education and care, from the hospital to the home, and everywhere in between."

Anyone with a 2021 or 2022 LG Smart Television can make use of Independa, including teledentistry service Dentulu.