Incorporating the Solea dental laser into your practice

The new release of Solea software (SW) 3.2 is designed to provide significantly faster cutting and rapid analgesic onset.

The 3.2 version of Solea software is the latest in a series of updates that are designed to continually improved the performance of Solea since its launch in 2013. Solea SW 3.2 is designed to offer a significant increase in cutting speed, smoother surface finishes and Solea’s industry-renowned analgesic effect. It’s delivered via Wi-Fi free of chage to all existing Solea uses with an active service contract.

All-new algorithms: Everything from cutting speed to patient comfort is designed to be dictated by complex algorithms that run behind the scenes. Data received from existing users is engineered to be leveraged to continually improve how  energy is delivered, providing optimal performance for the dentist and an optimal experience for the patient. Since the algorithms run behind the scenes, dentists don’t have to manage complicated settings or become laser experts.

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Simplified Graphical User Interface: A single mode for either hard or soft tissue is designed to allow dentists to select a spot size, place Solea’s aiming beam on the target tissue, step on the variable-speed foot pedal and go. Easy and intuitive ON/OFF push buttons have also been added, eliminating steps required before starting up the Solea or shutting it down. A low power mode is designed to enable more control at the low end of the power range for more sensitive applications