In Support of Amalgam Recycling, SDI is Partnering with DRNA


The 2 companies are collaborating on promoting amalgam recycling and environmental responsibility within the dental industry.

In Support of Amalgam Recycling, SDI is Partnering with DRNA | Image Credit: © SDI and Dental Recycling North America

In Support of Amalgam Recycling, SDI is Partnering with DRNA | Image Credit: © SDI and Dental Recycling North America

Sustainability and environmental awareness have become more prevalent in the dental industry in recent years, and a new partnership just announced is designed to take steps to further these movements, specifically when it comes to recycling amalgam.

Leading amalgam recycling companyDental Recycling North America (DRNA) has announced its strategic partnership with SDI, a dental materials and technology company. This collaboration brings with it a significant step toward promoting amalgam recycling and environmental responsibility within the industry.

"At SDI, we understand the significance of responsible dental waste management. Our partnership with DRNA allows us to provide our customers with a simple and effective solution to ensure compliance with regulations while contributing to a healthier environment," Samantha Cheetham, managing director/Chief Executive Officer of SDI, says in a press release while highlighting the importance of amalgam recycling.

The recycling of amalgam is a critical aspect of dental practice compliance, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of mercury-containing amalgam waste. The strategic joining of DRNA and SDI underscores both companies' commitment to sustainability and their dedication to supporting dental professionals in meeting regulatory requirements.

DRNA's CEO Marc M. Sussman expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership opportunity, saying in the press release, "We are thrilled to partner with SDI, a company renowned for its commitment to dental innovation and sustainability. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify compliance for dental practices across the globe."

DRNA has been at the forefront of amalgam recycling and dental compliance solutions for over a decade. Founded with a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, the company has consistently provided innovative products and services to help dental practices meet regulatory requirements while minimizing their environmental impact.

The recycling company’s comprehensive amalgam recycling program is designed to simplify compliance and allowing clinicians to focus on patient care while ensuring they adhere to regulatory guidelines. DRNA provides amalgam separators, cartridges, kits, and recycling services used in dental practices across the United States.

SDI is a global leader in dental materials and technology with a rich history dating back to 1972. It has consistently led the way in dental research and product development.

Amalgam Recycling

Amalgam recycling plays a crucial role in dental practice compliance, particularly in light of the Minamata Treaty, which calls for the eventual phase-out or reduction of mercury used in dental amalgam, the press release states. By recycling amalgam waste, dental practices can protect the environment and ensure they are in line with regulatory requirements.

How SDI Customers Can Participate

Customers are invited to participate in this initiative by signing up for a simple amalgam recycling solution provided by DRNA, according to SDI. Dental practices can place all amalgam waste in the provided recycling kit designed to make compliance simple.

To encourage immediate action, the dental manufacturer’s customers can receive a 20% discount by using promo code SDISAVE20 when signing up for the program. This limited time offer underscores the importance of acting now to comply with regulations and to begin protecting the environment right away.

Together, DRNA and SDI look to support clinicians with compliance and sustainability and aim to make a positive impact on the dental industry and the environment.

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