The importance of online dental practice marketing

These 10 common dental marketing mistakes could hurt your marketing efforts. Everyone needs dental and oral care, but wouldn’t be nice if people could easily find your practice...

Everyone needs dental and oral care, but wouldn’t be nice if people could easily find your practice...

Many dental practices do what they can to advertise their services. They buy radio and TV airtime. They scatter billboards everywhere. And of course, they list themselves in the Yellow Pages of the local phone book. And still, they would be lucky to land five new patients in a month, after spending tens of thousands of dollars on their marketing efforts which are pretty much traditional. And that’s where all the difference lies.

Digital marketing for dental practices

In this day and age, traditional marketing is not the way to go for dental practices life family dentists, cosmetic dentists and so on. While traditional still works to a certain extent, it cannot compare to the kind of reach you can have with digital marketing. With the Internet as your arena, you will be able to get the word out about your dental practice to as many people as possible.

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Targeted campaigns, easy-to-track results

Now you might say that traditional advertising does that too. But how do you track who sees your ads in newspapers and TV? If there was a way to track them accurately, it would still prove to be extremely difficult. The ability to track results is what makes digital marketing a wiser choice for dental practices today.

Even more palatable to dental practices is the fact that they can target their marketing campaign towards a particular demographic. And if they go for pay-per-click or PPC advertising, then they only have to pay if somebody clicks their ad. If the dental practice has a website, it can mount a dental SEO campaign that would aim to put it at the top of the search engine results pages when people search for certain keywords. The website will get more traffic, and more traffic means better chances of people giving your dental practice a try.

Then there’s social media, which is now a default place for any digital marketing campaign. Aside from being a clear platform in which to promote their dental practice, social media also gives them an opportunity to engage with patients and potential patients. They can give readers a taste of their expertise through dental care advice, or they can address patient concerns there. How you approach your dental marketing is completely up to you. As previously mentioned, traditional marketing still works, and so does digital marketing, If you prefer either or both, then run campaigns wherever you’re comfortable, by all means.

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Just remember to steer clear of the common dental marketing mistakes detailed in the infographic below to get the best results possible.