Immersify Dental Launches Subscription Service for Dental Students

Immersify Education hopes to target 100,000 users with its new Immersify Dental subscription service for dentistry students. The platform aims to become the go-to educational resource by launching a new content subscription service to make the learning experience more accessible and enjoyable for students.

The platform utilizes augmented reality, gamification, and personalization to create an engaging learning experience. Thousands of dentistry students across the United States, United Kingdom, India, and Australia are already using the service, mainly accessed through their universities. However, due to demand from students who are unable to access the platform through their college institution, Immersify Dental is making all of its content available to individuals via a paid subscription service. This means that the platform is now available to dental students and anyone practicing or interested in dentistry, regardless of whether their university or college is signed up, according to a company press release.

Immersify Dental is designed to support learning by combining the theoretical understanding of dentistry with practical experience. It also will enable students to connect with learners, academics, and professionals from different universities and countries. Immersify Dental is available for download for free from the Apple and Google Play stores.