IMILLING now offers CAD/CAM solutions

IMILLING, a milling center for dental laboratories, has announced it now offers CAD/CAM equipment for sale, including milling machines and benchtop scanners.

IMILLING has announced it now offers a variety open CAD/CAM solutions. Previously primarily known for its milling services, IMILLING will now offer a line of industrial digital mills along with exclusive CAM milling software strategies, digital scanners, software, materials, tools and implant components.

The company’s current product roster includes DOF’s two affordable premium scanners: the FREEDOM™ HD with expanded scanning stage and Stable Scan Stage technology, and the L-shaped open-platform SWING™ scanner for fast scanning of articulators.

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For both small and large labs, there is reportedly an extensive line of digital milling choices. For smaller labs, DOF’s 5-axis SHARP™ mill is an economically priced 5-axis mill in a compact desktop package and the imes-icore CORiTEC 350i is the latest entry-level 5-axis wet and dry desktop mill for processing titanium custom abutments.

The Dyamach DT2 in action

For larger labs, IMILLING offers the Dyamach DT2, an affordable titanium mill, and the Datron D5, which is specifically designed to meet the highest demands for precision and is said to be ideally suited for milling large-span titanium and chrome cobalt implant parts.

When a lab purchases a solution from IMILLING, the IMILLING team can help install and integrate a scanner, software and mill, train the technical team, and help optimize workflow processes.

Product roundup: Benchtop milling machines

Felix Chung, President of IMILLING, had this to say about the expansion: “Many labs started to reevaluate their in-house needs in light of reduced costs associated with CAD/CAD equipment ownership. As a milling center, IMILLING has extensive experience testing and using the digital equipment, materials and supplies we are offering our customers. This puts us in a unique position to advise and help labs develop the digital capabilities specific to their needs. Our goal, as always, whether as an outsource partner or resource for in-house equipment, is to help customers deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective implant prosthetics to their customers.”

To learn more about IMILLING and the equipment offered, visit or call 571-313-1269.