Imagoworks' 3Dme CAD Solution Integrated in Medit Link

This integration is expected to improve usability and convenience for clinics and labs.

Dental artificial-intelligence CAD solution company, Imagoworks Inc. announced that its 3Dme Crown has been integrated in Medit Link App Box. Medit Link is a digital dental platform operated by Medit, a software capable of managing the data of patients’ oral and dental plaster models acquired from oral scanners.

3Dme Crown is an AI-based web dental CAD solution operable directly on a web browser without the need to install additional software. It is a platform that proposes the optimal prosthesis design in seconds with just a few clicks using a combination of AI and CAD technology.

The integration between Medit Link and 3Dme Crown is expected to significantly improve usability and convenience in digital dental clinics and dental laboratories.

For dental clinics using the Medit oral scanner, a workflow can be created to easily complete a crown design through 3Dme Crown. Dentists can check the prosthesis design directly with the patient in the chair and utilize it as a tool during consultation.

Laboratories equipped with Medit model scanners are also able to complete crown design operations more conveniently immediately after model scanning. They can focus on more complex prostheses and implant/surgical guide production, etc. while simple prosthesis designs can be processed through 3Dme Crown. It is expected that this collaboration will be of great help in increasing productivity and profitability for dental labs.