Imagen Launches Dental Partnership Organization Built Around Technology-Focused Practices

New dental practice group brings a new business approach with a focus on adding high-performing practices to expand the group.

Imagen Dental Partners, a new Dental Partnership Organization (DPO), is bringing together technology-forward, high-performing dental practices with the shared goal of creating long-term wealth.

The group's business model allows dentists to retain their clinical autonomy while using the latest dental technologies and pursuing mastery of advanced clinical skills. The group's business model takes a long-term approach and provides dentist partners with financial incentives related to the dentistry they produce, the profitability of their individual practices, and the profitability of the DPO as a whole.

Partner dentists in Imagen have access to training, mentoring, and resources from Spear Education and CDOCS. The DPO also provides a suite of proprietary growth playbooks and business support.

The focus on technology is a part of the DPO's core, and all Imagen practice partners must have CAD/CAM and cone beam imaging technology in place or be willing to add the technology upon joining the group.

Imagen Dental Partners currently operates in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin and has plans to expand further in 2021.