I Use That: TPH Spectra from Dentsply Sirona


One dentist on the benefits this universal composite has brought to his practice.

When Dr. Scott Barbee finds a high-quality, well-researched product he likes, the pediatric dentist doesn’t see the need to switch. That’s why he’s been using TPH Spectra universal composite from Dentsply Sirona in his Kentucky-based practice for the last several years.

Here’s a look at the benefits this composite brings to both his patients and his practice.

What Dr. Barbee says about TPH Spectra

We had a Dentsply Sirona representative come to our office and present on TPH Spectra. After her demonstration, we took the time to review the research. We were impressed with the universal composite’s low shrinkage after curing and its optimal wear strength, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. Once we tried TPH Spectra, we fell in love with its ease of use and its extremely easy finishing and polishing properties. The results we received were nothing short of fantastic, which made the switch to TPH Spectra a no-brainer.

Being a pediatric dentist, I am only willing to purchase products that are easy to use and that have superior esthetics. TPH Spectra provides these properties both in the anterior and in the posterior. I am able to place TPH Spectra with ease and provide results that both parents and my patients love. Hearing patients say things like “I can’t tell where the filling is” speaks volumes to me and my team members.

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My staff members enjoy working with TPH Spectra as well. The universal composite doesn’t stick to their instruments and they are able to finish their work with a smoothness that patients like. I, as well as the hygienist, notice the composite’s durability in the mouth.  

TPH Spectra is a durable product. This is noted in the mouth and on X-rays throughout the life of the restorations we place at Barbee Dental. We have seen restorations months and even years later that look as dense and void-free as the day we placed them. Just yesterday I saw a patient who I treated years ago. Back then, I used TPH Spectra on an anterior tooth that was damaged after an injury. The patient was back in my office to have the tooth fixed, but only because he was hit in the mouth again. That was the only reason. This shows the durability is pretty good. I’ll definitely use TPH Spectra again for this case.

The results TPH Spectra has given us over the years has made me and my team believers in this product. We know it works, we know it lasts and we know we will continue to purchase TPH Spectra. We follow the research and make sure the products we use work well. Once I find something that works, I’m not switching. For me to switch, you have to prove a product is superior to what I’m using, and right now I haven’t found anything that’s better in my hands. At Barbee Dental, we strive to do quality work with superior products and we have found that in TPH Spectra.

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