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I Use That: SonicFill From Kerr


In this installment of “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Eric Hurtte and his lead dental assistant, Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, FADAA, about their use of SonicFill from Kerr.

In this installment of  “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Eric Hurtte and his lead dental assistant, Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, FADAA, about their use of SonicFill from Kerr.

With a thriving practice in suburban St. Louis (O’Fallon, Mo.), Dr. Hurtte and Tija believe SonicFill has changed the way they approach dentistry.

What the dentist (Dr. Hurtte) says about SonicFill

When my Kerr rep stopped by to introduce SonicFill, I had no intention of purchasing it, but he talked me into trying it out on a few patients. After the first restoration, I was sold. The material flows from the handpiece and into prep similar to a flowable composite, but is firm enough to condense. While condensing the material, it did not stick to the instrument and pull out of the prep as my other composite often would.

SonicFill eliminated my problems with Class II restorations. I no longer need a base of a weaker flowable composite to fill voids, the pull back of the material out of the prep is gone, and the polymerization shrinkage is minimal, which allows me to bulk fill and maintain a nice interproximal contact.

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What the dental assistant (Tija) says about SonicFill

When I was asked which products make my life as an assistant easier, three came to mind … and the very first one that jumped out at me is SonicFill. In our practice, we do more fillings than anything so this product is something we use several times a day.

I’m an expanded functions dental assistant (EFDA) in Missouri. I am qualified to place Class I, V and VI restorations. Many times, I work by myself when my team members are needed elsewhere. SonicFill gives me greater control without the help of an assistant.

It has a special handpiece that delivers “molecular sonic energy.” It’s like the composite is almost liquefied, which allows it to flow into the prep and ensure void-free restorations. The composite itself is a highly filled nanocomposite that offers unrivaled shrinkage, esthetics and strength. It’s a bulk fill that can be cured up to 5 mm in depth in 20 seconds. That means no time wasted in layering composites. It is fast!

The sonic energy from this handpiece allows the filler particles to be distributed more evenly, which makes for a smooth, pre-polished surface. After filling the prep, the viscosity begins to change and its consistency is between a flow and regular composite. As the material firms up, it’s easy to work with. You’ll find there is no sticking and no pullback. You can sculpt and manipulate this material to create beautiful anatomy.

We started with one. We now have three. I couldn’t imagine going back to regular composites!

What is SonicFill?

According to the manufacturer, SonicFill is a sonic-activated, single-step bulk fill composite system like no other. The system is comprised of a specially designed handpiece and a new composite material in unidose delivery. The resin is a highly filled proprietary resin with special modifiers that react to sonic energy. As sonic energy is applied through the handpiece, the modifiers cause the composite viscosity to drop up to 87%, increasing the flowability. This allows easy placement and precise adaptation to the cavity walls. Once the sonic energy is stopped the composite returns to a more firm non-slumping state that will allow the clinician to easily carve, contour and finish the restoration.

Because of SonicFill’s ultra-efficient curing characteristics, clinicians can place up to a 5 mm increment without the need for a final capping layer. This single step bulk fill material takes only a 20-second cure for the 5 mm placement.

What makes it different

SonicFill’s uniqueness resides in the composite material that is dispensed using a sonic handpiece. The proprietary rheological modifiers in the composite react to the sonic energy from the handpiece reducing the viscosity almost 90 percent. This allows the composite to adapt in the most difficult to reach areas of the prepared tooth when it is in its lowest viscosity. Once the preparation is filled up to 5 mm and the sonic energy is stopped, the composite returns to a non-slumping state that allows the clinician to easily carve and contour the composite. Once the appropriate contours are obtained, a 20-second cure is all that is needed to properly cure up to a depth of 5 mm. Because SonicFill is so highly filled (83.5%), there is very little shrinkage with good polishability.

The advantage

With increasing time constraints on the clinician, SonicFill offers a consistent, predictable solution for quality posterior restorations. When a patient has a deep Class I or Class II posterior restoration, the dentist can place a rapid flow of composite into the cavity preparation quickly and effortlessly knowing SonicFill will have superior adaptation. With SonicFill, the dentist can restore a tooth from start to finish in less than 3 minutes in most cases. Saving chair time for the clinician and the patient with a strong adaptable esthetic restoration is a win-win for both the dentist and patient.

Featured Product: SonicFill

is reportedly the only easy-to-use, sonic-activated, Single-Fill™ composite system for posterior restorations that requires no additional capping layer. Proprietary sonic activation enables a rapid flow of composite into the cavity for effortless placement and optimal adaptation. It’s fast, easy and effective-greatly reducing procedure time and enabling clinicians to go from placement to a polished restoration in less than three minutes.

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