I Use That: KaVo MASTERmatic handpiece


Dr. Marty Jablow shares the benefits of using the KaVo MASTERmatic handpiece in his practice.

If Dr. Marty Jablow ever had to get rid of his electric handpieces, he doesn’t think he’d want to practice dentistry anymore. 

That’s because electric handpieces like the MASTERmatic from KaVo are just so much easier to use, he says, making him more efficient, reducing the amount of time patients spend in the chair and improving final outcomes. 

“When you see that you can do things faster, you realize you might actually be able to see more patients in your day,” says Dr. Jablow, who’s been using the MASTERmatic handpieces since they came out last year. “What used to take me an hour now takes me 40 minutes.” 

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The efficiencies Dr. Jablow describes and the improved outcomes are a direct result of the precision the handpieces offer. They’re designed to enable clinicians to easily achieve a smooth cut the first time, and that helps ensure dentists finish procedures faster and with more confidence. 

Why they’re so precise 

Reduced vibration and the enhanced head/knee angle combination also improve your experience, observes KaVo Product Manager Stephanie Goss. Instead of fighting the handpiece as you try to see the area you’re working on, the handpiece does the work for you-and that means less hand and wrist fatigue. Goss says users will find it’s easier to achieve optimal results, leading to happier patients who might even be inclined to accept more treatment down the road and to refer you to family and friends. 

“Electric handpieces are much lighter than they used to be,” Dr. Jablow notes. “The head size and the angle are much improved to give you better balance and visibility, making preparations easier.”

When the team at KaVo designed the MASTERmatic electric handpieces, they focused on making them more precise, Goss says. Not only do they feature Triple Gear Technology to reduce vibration for a more precise prep, the 100°/19° head/knee angle combination gives clinicians maximum visibility and freedom of movement-and that enhances efficiency. 

“Overall, KaVo strives to develop the most innovative products to advance dental technology and improve lives,” Goss says. “Every aspect of our product development process focuses on the end user with the goal of providing the most precise instruments on the market.” 

And the fact that you can set both torque and the RPMs helps ensure precise cutting no matter the procedure, Dr. Jablow notes. 

“You can dial in the exact amount of torque and RPMs for the handpiece to get the job done. It’s not one-size-fits-all. You can be very precise because you can set both torque and RPMs,” Dr. Jablow says. “Efficiency comes from the power of the handpiece. The handpiece is best for direct and indirect restorations because it cuts more efficiently and can speed up the procedure when compared to an air-driven handpiece.”

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Next: How this precision benefits patients and benefits you


How precision benefits patients 

Triple Gear Technology is engineered to reduce vibration, leading to a more precise, smoother prep and ultimately a better seal for crowns and other restorations. So patients not only spend less time in the chair, there’s no need for them to come back for repeat visits because something went wrong the first time, Goss says. They walk out of your office with a long-lasting, durable restoration. 

Patients also have a better experience while in the chair, Goss notes. Less vibration from the handpiece not only makes users more precise, it makes the procedure much more comfortable for patients. MASTERmatic handpieces are designed to be much quieter than what patients typically have experienced with noisy drills in the past. The head/knee angle combination makes it easier for you to comfortably reach the areas you need to access during a procedure, so you no longer have to keep asking patients to open their jaw wider, which could lead to discomfort and jaw fatigue. 

“It’s more comfortable for dentists and the patient and it also leads to a more relaxed atmosphere,” Goss says. “Dentists can have those better clinical outcomes because they’re not battling some of the other issues.”

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How precision benefits you 

If you spend less time performing certain procedures, you can see more patients throughout the day-boosting practice productivity and your bottom line, Goss notes. She says that with the MASTERmatic series you can quickly and accurately complete restorations. The precision the handpieces provide means there’s no need to re-work cases, which can be both costly and time consuming.   

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