I Use That: GC America’s G-aenial Sculpt


One dentist explains why he switched to using this universal nano-hybrid composite.

Roland Sanchez, DDS, has been in practice in Belen, New Mexico, for eight years. His clinical focus is on restorative and cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery, although he says his practice is unique because it resolves issues “from limited care all the way to full-mouth rehab.”

He takes pride in having a diverse group of patients in his private practice, which he says is the largest rural-serving practice in the county.

“We take all forms of insurance, from Medicaid to cash, which makes our practice very unique,” Dr. Sanchez says. “Most practices label themselves to a certain market and only use a limited amount of products to meet the specific market need.”

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Dr. Sanchez strives to separate his practice from the pack by trying out new products and recognizing that it’s not always about brand loyalty; it’s about finding the best products for his patients.

“We’ve always looked for the best products,” he says. “You can’t build quality without the right tools.”

After years of using many composites, he found one of his favorites: G-aenial Sculpt® from GC America. “It has blown me and my patients away,” Dr. Sanchez says.

What Dr. Sanchez likes about G-aenial Sculpt

G-aenial Sculpt is just an unbelievable staple,” he says. “GC will keep working on a product and make necessary changes to its formulation until it’s right. G-aenial Sculpt is one of those tried-and-true products.”

While Dr. Sanchez says he has been using GC products for a long time, he had previously relied on 3M™ Filtek™ products to finish anterior cases. That is, until G-aenial Sculpt came out.

“There are a ton of cases where patients want veneers or high-end cosmetics, but they can’t afford it at the moment,” he says. “If they need a one-tooth touch-up or chairside veneering, G-aenial Sculpt is unbelievable. The translucency and the camouflaging effect is like nothing out there. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had someone come in with a chipped crown or broken composite veneers. I’ve used so many other composites that leave a visible color difference, even after polishing. None of them will blend or camouflage like G-aenial Sculpt.

“On top of that, the G-Premio BOND™ provides great results,” Dr. Sanchez continues. “This universal bonding agent contains no HEMA, added MDP for zirconia bonding capability and a low film thickness (3µm), which allows for a thin layer with high strength. Plus, you can get fantastic bond strengths with any protocol: self etch, selective etch or total etch.”

Dr. Sanchez says G-aenial Sculpt’s excellent translucency and camouflaging effect help cut time from polishing and cutting angles.

“Patients are ecstatic when we do touch-ups or fillings with this product because they look so natural,” he says. “The products are esthetically and functionally pleasing, and they hold up very well. Patient satisfaction is very important to us.”

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Dr. Sanchez encourages other dentists to keep an open mind and try out new products in the market.

“I think it’s tough because doctors get stuck in comfort zones, but stagnancy never produces much advancement,” he says. “After trying other GC composites, none of them compared to G-aenial Sculpt. I’m happy to say that I’ve been using it for over a year now, so it is worth the time to try. Of the composites I’ve used, this is the best so far.

“I’m not branded to any one company; I just use the best of every company,” Dr. Sanchez adds. “If I’m going to stay ahead of the game, I have to make sure that I have the best products for my patients.

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