HuFriedyGroup Launches Best in Practice Video Series

This video series will cover a range of topics to help teach dental professionals relevant and concise information to aid in professional growth.

HuFriedyGroup has launched its “Best in Practice” video series, a collection of short videos created to empower dental professionals who wish to improve different aspects of their skillset.

This series is hosted by igniteDDS’s David Rice, DDS. Dr Rice is the founder of igniteDDS which is a large community of dentists and students designed to connect dental professionals to practices. Dr Rice is joined by IgniteDA’s Kevin Henry. Henry is the co-founder of IgniteDA, which is a community designed for professional development for dental assistants. Henry also maintains 20 years in the dental publishing industry as an editorial leader.

Together, Dr Rice and Henry will host a series of videos that are designed to help dental professionals in the ever-changing industry of dentistry. The videos will cover a vast array of tips, tricks, guidance, product knowledge, and ways to empower practice, patients, and self.

The first video in the series covers personal protective equipment (PPE) and what it means to now have options when choosing the right fit for the practice.

The videos will be on a monthly release schedule. Details and the videos can be viewed on the website here.