HuFriedyGroup Expands Clear Collection Kit

A quintet of new instruments designed to help expand the customizability of clear aligner therapy.

HuFriedyGroup has announced its expansion of the Clear Collection Instrument Set. The expanded set includes 5 new instruments that are designed to add adaptability to clear aligners.

Just like the original instruments in the Clear Collection set, these 5 additions are designed to make it easier for clinicians to manipulate invisible aligners without having to heat the instrument. HuFriedyGroup collaborated with Dr Jay Bowman, the original designer of the Clear Collection, to expand the instrument set.

The 5 additions to the set include:

  • The Spot: Designed to create a tiny, rounded dimple for spot contacts to accent small individual tooth movements or added aligner retention.
  • The Petite Punch: Designed to cut a 4.5 mm half-moon cutout in an aligner for relief of the plastic around bonded buttons used for elastics.
  • The Clockwise & Counter Clockwise Wedge: These instruments are designed to produce indents into the facial and lingual plastic for the rotation movement of a given tooth.
  • The Eraser: Designed to remove or reverse unwanted indents placed by other instruments in the Clear Collection.

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