Hu-Friedy releases new waterline filter

The filter can reportedly be installed in five minutes and requires no daily, weekly or monthly maintenance.

Hu-Friedy announced the release of the Hu-Friedy Waterline Filter, the company’s newest innovation that's designed to help dental practices continuously deliver clean water to patients. 

“Dental unit waterlines are known as notorious breeding grounds for bacteria, which can form into huge, persistent colonies of sticky biofilm. But traditionally waterline filters can be tricky to install, burdensome to maintain and inconvenient to change,” says Jennifer Naylor, executive vice president at Hu-Friedy. “We set out to create a product that will help keep waterlines clean while requiring minimal effort from staff.” 

The Hu-Friedy Waterline Filter is registered by the EPA in all 50 states as a microbial agent for use in dental unit waterlines attached to dynamic dental instruments. It reportedly successfully reduces contamination and odor-causing bacteria to 200 CFU/mL or less - a standard that far exceeds the CDC recommended level of 500 CFU/mL. Moreover, the filter is engineered to provide ongoing, consistent and accurate dosing to inhibit microbial contamination for up to a year. 

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In addition to longevity, the waterline filter offers maximum convenience. The ready-to-use cartridge can reportedly be installed in five minutes and requires no daily, weekly or monthly maintenance. Its universal design is said to be the first of its kind to be suitable for both municipal waterlines and independent water reservoirs. Because the filter is designed to be non-corrosive and it doesn't contain silver or other hazardous materials, disposal is quick and easy. 

The Hu-Friedy Waterline Filter is the latest addition to Hu-Friedy’s family of waterline solutions, which includes VistaTab™ for periodic cleaning, the VistaClean™ daily irrigant for protecting waterlines from deposits and scale, and Team Vista™, which provides the complete system. 

To learn more about the Hu-Friedy Waterline Filter, including how to order, dental professionals should contact their Hu-Friedy representative or visit