How to use whitening to boost patient retention, Issue 1

Would a patient loyalty program work in your practice?

Would a patient loyalty program work in your practice?

When it comes to bringing patients back in the door, Dental Assistant Lindsay Sapa says SDI’s Pola whitening products are certainly a boost and it's because of its unique patient loyalty program.

The goal of the “Whiter. Brighter. You. for life” campaign is to foster satisfied patients, who keep coming back to your practice. Here’s how it works. When a patient purchases a whitening procedure including whitening trays from you they are enrolled in the patient loyalty campaign.

When a whitening member maintains their hygiene scheduled appointments-for Sapa, it’s six months-they will receive one free touch-up whitening syringe from you to take home. Knowing this, the patient has a good incentive to be at their appointment. This agreement, can last up to the lifetime of the patient or dental office.

You can also learn more about what patient’s have to say about Pola's products and patient loyalty program from Lindsay Sapa below.