How to successfully transition to a paperless dental practice

“The paperless practice” or “going digital” are often misunderstood in the dental industry. Both phrases mean essentially the same thing: replacing paper-based forms, charts and records with electronic documents.

Unlike the medical industry which had its paperless protocols mandated by Medicare, the dental industry has no such protocols. There’s no federal guidebook to walk your practice smoothly down the paperless path, but downloading this eBook is a good way to start.

Three key elements can ensure success: efficiency, consistency and security. This eBook helps you understand these elements and how they facilitate a successful transition to paperless.

By focusing on the benefits of going digital, you can maintain a happy team and satisfied patients. Learn how going paperless improves efficiency for your administration team, your clinical team and your entire practice. Find out how patients can benefit from your paperless practice, too.

Changing from paper charts to digital causes some uncertainty about where to find certain pieces of information. This eBook also gives practical tips on how to reduce uncertainty when your practice goes digital.

The paperless practice is a journey, not a destination. Start today by downloading this helpful eBook.

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